The Scenic Route - 3 Month Coaching Package


Life Coaching Package The Scenic Route

The Scenic Route Coaching Package


3 Months of deep intention, re-crafting where you are in life, identifying what is holding you back, and gathering up the tools and practices to live life on your own terms. Once and for all.

Who is this for?

The Scenic Route Coaching package is for seekers who are looking for a deeper experience in life.  Perhaps you find yourself going through life, day after day, with little motivation, or with inspiration that just doesn’t last. You have so many ideas, but just don’t know how to take action.


Deep down you know…

  • You are meant for something more. But what is it?
  • Something is holding you back from your greatness
  • It is time to do something different if you want different results

You feel…

  • Stuck
  • Directionless
  • Unsure
  • Like you have to have it all figured out
  • Get overwhelmed by the thought of goal setting
  • Wish to work at your own pace, and look at your life from a more holistic approach
  • Want to create more balance in your life
  • Want to get clear about the path you should take next

You are…

  • waiting for ‘something’ to happen to make you happy
  • not crazy about how your life is turning out
  • burned out in the 9 to 5 rat race
  • sensing that there must another way, you just haven’t found it yet

You don’t know how to…

  • Live the type of life you dream of living
  • Connect back to who you really are, the soul you have buried deep inside
  • Wish to revive an old dream you have long given up on
  • Make a deeper change that isn't superficial


There is another way. And it is your journey, and your experience to find out. That is what the Scenic Route Coaching package is designed to do.

And lastly,

Are you ready to create a shift in your life once and for all?

What's Included

Monthly in person EQUUS Coaching Experience, or Live Coaching with Kaelen.  (Located 1 Hour East of Seattle, Washington)

Weekly Skype or Facetime Support Calls

Weekly Email Exercises & Discovery Projects