What Others Are Saying

Hear what others are saying about equine facilitated workshops and one on one coaching sessions, in their own words and stories from their dream trail.

"I cannot say enough about the work that Kaelen does. She helped me with an issue I was having with my company and I walked away feeling like my eyes were opened for the first time in a long time. I will be using her in the future as I do think that she is one hidden tool that can bring me so much further in life, my career and personal happiness. Amazing!  What came out of the session was surprising, eye opening and powerful. I feel blessed to have found Kaelen and her amazing horses."

- Claire, Washington

"There are truly no words to describe my experience I had with Kaelen and her horse Steele. Through Steele's amazing ability to work and connect with energy and energy blocks and Kaelen's natural gift to flow with whatever comes up emotionally and 'know' what to do in that moment allowed me to release a huge block on my path to healing from childhood trauma. Kaelen is definitely in her element and I urge anyone who is ready to start their own dream trail or is already on their dream trail, but needs help removing some blocks, big or small, along the way to spend some time with Kaelen, you will not be disappointed!"

- Stacie, Washington

"I just got home from a session with Kaelen, and her equine partner, Steele. I went with very few expectations and simply endeavored to remain open to her process as it unfolded. The results were impressive and immediate. And because the experience was so rich in content and quality, I sense there will be much more self-insight to unfold for me in the days ahead - all from this single experience - which truly opened my eyes. Steele seemed genuinely intuitive and interested in helping me. He "pointed" the way for me to look within myself to resolve some general questions and, most incredibly, showed me something specific as well. Kaelen creates a professional experience, unique in character. The process is well designed to promote powerful healing and profound spiritual growth. All I had to do is be open and willing. If you feel drawn to try this as a way to illuminate your mind's recesses in a little different way, I highly encourage you to consider Kaelen and the Dream Trail."

- Danny, Puyallup


"The group workshop is inspiring and thoughtful. In my group the horses had a powerful voice and calming spirit! Kaelen has a way to unlock your inner strength and independence. She gives you the courage to reach further and become more than you thought you could! It's a fun way to connect to other women and become a supportive friend to those you meet!"

-Danielle, Enumclaw, WA.

"What an amazing day!!! Nothing I ever dreamed it would be like because I couldn't figure out what dreams to dream. Renewed and refreshed because of it. Tonight I'm rejoicing in my new found outlook. Gooey words, I know, but oh-my-gosh did I need this and I didn't even know it. Thank you, Kaelen! You are fantastic!

- Maryn, Enumclaw, WA. 


"I work full-time at a job that is not related to horses but want my next chapter to be about and with horses. That dream is not easy to hold onto in the whirl of 40+ hour weeks, trying to ride and be with my horse daily, and generally managing life in the 21st century. But I could not let go of this vision for the future. Kaelen’s approach is to find the essence of your ideas and create a path, a Dream Trail. I love that she is taking me out of my head and into my heart, but we stay grounded in the here and now. This future is taking shape, the path is being created in front of me. I look forward to the journey."

- Cathi, 2016.