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Your Dream Trail

The Dream Trail is the path between where you are now, and where you are destined to go.

Are you ready for the next step in your life's journey, but not sure exactly what to do - or how to go about it?

You've come to the right place.

COMPASS Life Kick Start course is a mix of learning, exploring, and then taking your ideas and putting them into action with the help of others who've been there.

This course is for the big dreamers out there, who are longing for something more in life. The search for meaning + passion in life starts by taking one step at a time.

Are You Ready?

To lead your life with your heart + soul? Then get your boots on.

This is a 60 Day Journey + Mini Course and adventure in Self Discovery, Way Finding, Soul Scheming, Dreaming + Magic Making.

For a select group of women who are ready to start to create the life they dream of.

Are you one of them?

Read on sister...

Let the journey begin:


Days of way finding + focusing on your goals like never before


Exercises+ soul exploring activities that will get you the clarity you've been aching for


live coaching calls to support you in accomplishing more than you thought possible

"The Dream Trail is an adventure back to who you are, what you really want, and where you are destined to go."


Unlock Your Potential

I see you. You're doing a whole lot of what you 'should' be doing- but not much of what you truly desire to do. Deep down you are longing for more- and wondering "is this really it?"

What if you were able to blaze your own trail and leave your own mark on the world? What would it be like to lead your life from your heart + soul?

Discover a New Way

It's Time To Chart Your Own Course

I bet you've heard this one before: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."

Well, darn it, if it isn't true.

COMPASS is designed to get you going in a new direction. The direction that you were always meant for. It takes a little time, and a little help along the way, but you've totally got this.

You don't have to start over. You don't have to move across the country. But you do have to start seeing the possibilities and the opportunities that are out there, if you choose to follow your heart.

Come on the trail with me, sister. I'd love to journey along side you.

Learning Details

+ Develop tools to access your own inner wisdom and intuition to help you on your journey through life.

+ How to craft your life in ways that are more aligned with who you are.

+ How to work with oracle and angel cards to help you map out your own Dream Trail route.

+ How your energy affects your decisions and life.

+ Self care rituals, just for you. Tools for lasting self love and compassion.

+ How leading life from your heart is not just a nice idea.

+ How to turn your ideas into action.

+ Finally, the accountability and support you need from other like minded souls to get your ideas and dream life off the ground.

What's included:

part I

Weekly + group coaching calls

Weekly - Each Week. Calls will be done live and recorded for later viewing/listening.  Individual Q+A time for dream-storming & spot coaching.

part II

Writing + Creative Projects

A total of 16 exercises will be shared as a part of the course. Each designed to help you discover, unlock, and take action on your dreams. Sent via email.

Part iii

access to the dream trail tribe

An online group will be accessible to course participants only. Designed to be a loving space to share, collaborate, and support others.

Ongoing Support

Deciding to pursue big dreams or make a lifestyle shift isn't always easy, but it's always worth it.

This course is designed to give you just the right amount of support and encouragement for your journey.

It's about time to get out of your COMFORT ZONE and go for t. No HOLDING BACK. No PLAYING IT SAFE. No STAYING SMALL.


Meet Your Trail Guide

Hi, Im kaelen

I will be leading you along this virtual journey for the next 60 days. I absolutely love to help other women find more meaning and magic in their lives. 

Because I have been in your boots.

We dig into the deepest parts of their souls to unlock their inner power + courage + intuition to find out what they're made of.

I have been doing this most of my life by guiding others on real trails (not just the metaphorical ones) on horseback.

Overcoming our fear, rolling up our sleeves and getting out there is the best way to learn, grow, and experience the fullness of being alive.

Riding the trail of life is much like getting on a horse and riding in the mountains. It takes heart + connection + faith + grit + strength + determination.

There will be obstacles to face, hills to climb, and parts unknown - but in the end, it is worth the ride.

That is the inspiration and the idea behind the 60 Day Soul Dream Trail Soul Journey.

I look forward to seeing you on the trail.

Trail Manifesto

  • Pursue what lights up your heart + fuels your passion for living.
  • Go forth with wild abandon.
  • Grant your own permission.
  • Step outside your comfort zone.
  • Work with what ya got.
  • Have faith in the not yet seen.
  • Craft a wildly courageous life.
  • Dream BIGGER.

Are you ready to get going?

If this is calling to you, and you've been feeling STUCK in your life, and waiting for a sign: CONSIDER THIS IT.

Are you ready to start taking action on living the life you are meant to live?

If so, click below for PRICING + TO JOIN IN.

Let's giddy up.

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams."

Oprah Winfrey

Wondering if this is the program for you?

Simply book a NO STRINGS ATTATCHED + 100% Complimentary Clarity Session with Kaelen. Get all your questions answered ahead of time. I want to make sure that this program is right for everyone who joins the adventure.

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