1 & 2 Day Intensives with Kaelen

It's time to do things different.

Have you ever wished you could just get away for a night or two to recharge, reset, and refocus?

Join me, your Life + Intuition Coach for a transformative, inspiring, and life changing day.

You'll experience growth, change, and aligned action like never before.

A 'Soul Mapping Intensive' is the way to 10x your personal growth, and leave with a refreshed sense of purpose, outlook on life, and energy.

Located in Enumclaw, Washington. Just 45 minutes east of Seattle.

Are You Ready For More In Life?

Then get your bag packed and your boots on.

Choose from a 1 or 2 Day Intensive + Mini Retreat and personal adventure in Self Discovery, Way Finding, Soul Scheming, Dreaming + Magic Making.

For select women who are ready to create the life they dream of.

1 Day Experience

2 Day Experience

Discover Your Next Steps

It's Time To Chart Your Own Course

I bet you've heard this one before: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."

Well, darn it, if it isn't true.

This getaway is designed to get you going in a new direction. The direction that you were always meant for. It takes time, commitment, and a little help along the way, but you've totally got this.

Come on the trail with me, sister. I'd love to journey along side you.

about you...

+ You want to develop tools to access your own inner wisdom and intuition to help you on your journey through life.

+ You are looking to craft your life in ways that are more aligned with who you are.

+ Feel STUCK. Like life is happening TO you, not for you.

+ Would like to have self care rituals, but it just isn't sticking. You want tools for lasting change.

+ Want to know how leading life from you heart and soul is do-able, and not just a nice idea for someone else.

+ Want to turn your ideas into action, but are waiting for the timing to be perfect.

Reviews & Testimonials


Ronda Elaine, Interior Designer

"I worked with Kaelen to dive deeper into what holds me back from my dreams, and to actually get in touch with what that is right now.  Working with her helped me by simply voicing my fears (speaking them took their power away) and helped give insight to my own monkey mind chatter - and helped me clarify what brings me joy.  I was able to see my gifts even after one session!

I would describe the setting as amazing, peaceful and supportive - especially because of Kaelen's energy and presence throughout the experience.

I would highly recommend and feel Kaelen is gifted in her ability to break things down simply, offer guidance to keep on track, and intuitive in what needs to be pushed through or ...

After my work with Kaelen, I feel more grounded in my own knowingness, and feel clarity in knowing what brings me joy, which in turn keeps me focused on what I offer the world in my work."



Laura J, Life Coach + Hypnotherapist

My stay with Kaelen was just what I was needing! I loved my time and stay at her house. The energy, the feelings, it's magic!

- Queensland, Australia

Sample Itinerary:

day one

Check In + equine coaching experience

Part 1 - Discovering your personal set 'set point.' Followed by Part 1 of Equine Coaching with Steele. Afternoon session of visioning & wrap up of Equine Coaching. Take away new tools, understanding and energy to create new experiences in your life.

day two

breakfast + reiki energy healing

Optional Day 2 will bring a morning check in over coffee. A private reiki session is optional. Followed by a closing strategy session with clear steps to tak after you leave. For more details, contact Kaelen. Itinerary will be customized to you.  Everything is customized just for you.

The Equine Coaching Experience

As a part of your Soul Stay Retreat, you will experience a private Equine Coaching session, in two parts.

Why work with a horse to help you get your life back on track?

Horses are highly in tune with themselves, their environment, and energy.

Working with horses in a life coaching setting will fast track your personal understanding of self, your spirit, and your future.

There is no riding included with your session.


Energy Healing Session + Personalized Aroma Therapy

Available as an add on:

Book a 1/2 or 1 hour healing energy session.

During your session, you can include a personalized blend of aromatherapy and crystal therapy.

Please indicate to Kaelen whether you would like to incorporate this into your Soul Mapping Intensive on Day 2.

The Location

Located in picturesque Enumclaw, Washington, your private location awaits. Just leave your worries at the door.

Full directions + a personalized itinerary will be emailed to you upon booking.

Meet Your Host

Hi, Im kaelen

I will be leading you during this time in my home for the time you join me. I absolutely love to help other women find more meaning and magic in their lives. 

We dig into the deepest parts of their souls to unlock their inner power + courage + intuition to find out what they're made of.

I have been doing this most of my life by guiding others on real trails (not just the metaphorical ones) on horseback.

Overcoming our fear, rolling up our sleeves and getting out there is the best way to learn, grow, and experience the fullness of being alive.

Riding the trail of life is much like getting on a horse and riding in the mountains. It takes heart + connection + faith + grit + strength + determination.

There will be obstacles to face, hills to climb, and parts unknown - but in the end, it is worth the ride.

I look forward to you joining me.

Wondering if this is the jump start to your new way of being?

Simply book a NO STRINGS attached Phone Call with Kaelen. Get all your questions answered ahead of time. I want to make sure that this Soul Stay Retreat is right for everyone who comes to experience it.