Power, Confidence +Discovery

1 & 2 Day Retreats

+ 2019 Dates Coming Soon...

Get ready to unlock your inner power, ignite your confidence, and discover just what you're made of through connecting and working with horses.

The 'Horse Woman Experience' is the way to 10x your personal growth, learn riding and horsemanship skills and leave with a refreshed sense of purpose, outlook on life, and energy.

Located in Enumclaw, Washington. Just 45 minutes east of Seattle.

Are You Ready To Have The Ride of Your Life?

The Horse Woman Program is designed to elevate your life, and give you an experience like none other.

This Experience Includes:

  • Life Coaching with Horses
  • Horsemanship + Riding Instruction
  • Cowgirl Coffee Hour
  • Horsey Happy Hour Wine & Cheese
  • Lunch Both Days
  • Dream Trail Journal + Pen

Full directions, what to bring + an itinerary will be emailed to you upon booking. Scroll down for more information.

A woman’s draw to horses is often a very a powerful one. Rachel and Kaelen dive deep into this connection.

Learn skills to feel empowered like never before - both in the saddle and in life. Broaden the depth of your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself, as experienced through the eyes of a horse.

Rachel’s skill in developing horse and rider as a team, will give you the fundamentals of caring for and riding a horse. Practical skills and a depth of knowledge learned hands-on. Everything from general horse care, grooming, leading, saddling/tacking up, and handling a horse in a round pen.

Then take your experience from the arena and the saddle and learn how it will impact your life in a variety of ways by integrating life lessons that horses have to teach with life coaching work with Kaelen. By working with horses in this way, you will learn the intuitive skills to access your own inner wisdom through the power of horses natural abilities to read energy.

Day One

Day Two

9am Meet + Greet Cowgirl Coffee

Intention Settings/ Meditation with Horses

1130am Barn Style Lunch

Horse Energy, Grooming + Saddling

4pm Horsey "Happy Hour" Wine + Cheese (21+)

9am Day 2 Cowgirl Coffee

Heart Centered Leading + Riding

1130am Barn Style Lunch

More Riding + Practice Time

2pm Closing Circle + Ignite Your Fire Ceremony

Meet Your Guides

Kaelen Schaefer & Rachel Koehler

The Horse Woman Experience is the product of two friends desire to share their love of horses and of life with as many women as possible.

They recognized throughout their time together, that they have something special between them, their horses, and their sisterhood.

A special bond that they know can impact + inspire others to live bold, courageous, adventurous and kick-ass lives.

Giddy Up, Sister. We'd love to share this ride with you.

Scroll down to learn more....

About Kaelen + Rachel

Hi, I'm Kaelen

Life Coach

In 2015, I began The Dream Trail, a Life Coaching Company to offer my own unique blend of self development work to help others live life to the fullest.

I love nothing more than partnering with horses to help other women unlock their own magic, and discover their innate power and courage to chase their dreams, and live life whole heartedly and confidently.

Riding the trail of life is much like getting on a horse and riding in the mountains. It takes heart + connection + faith + grit + strength + determination.

Let's do this. I look forward to riding along side you.

Rachel Koehler

Horse Trainer

I am a Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor/Coach, Real Estate Specialist and a dedicated Whole Hearted Cowgirl!  

Over the past 30 years I have had the privileged working with horses and humans in an array of equine disciplines.  Through my experiences I have found a unique connection between how we as woman show up with our horses and how it correlates in our everyday lives. 

I enjoy helping woman develop a feel for working with and riding horses.....horses are so grounded and in the moment...when we can transfer that experience into our every day something magical happens.

I am here as your "cowgirl guide", to mentor women and give them the tools to find and/or improve their horsemanship and most importantly to live a whole hearted life!

about you...

+ You've been dreaming of learning to ride horses, or own a horse of your own "someday".

+ You have been drawn to horses since you were a little girl (and maybe you rode when you were younger, and would like to get back into it. Your heart is calling you!

+ Feel STUCK. Like life is happening TO you, not for you, you are ready to do something COMPLETELY new and different.

+ Would like to have self care rituals, but it just isn't sticking. You want tools for lasting change, and lasting confidence in your abilities to navigate through life.

+ Want to know how leading life from you heart and soul is do-able, and not just a nice idea for someone else.

+ Want to turn your ideas into action, but are waiting for the timing to be perfect.

We say the time is NOW! What are you waiting for?

More Information


Yes! This experience is for anyone who feels called to spend more time with horses. If you've never ridden, we will be there with you every step of the way.

Absolutely! Even if you don't know anyone else in the workshop, we will spend time getting to know one another.

Yes. More dates will be posted in December 2018, and into 2019. Stay tuned.

No, you do not need your own horse. If you would like to bring your own, please contact Kaelen at kaelen@thedreamtrail.com to discuss.

There are a a number of great Air BnB's in the area, as well as a downtown Enumclaw hotel. For more ideas of where to stay, feel free to reach out to Kaelen at kaelen@thedreamtrail.com

We will ride, rain or shine! Be sure to dress accordingly, but we will be under cover, as well as indoors for lunch and Horsey Happy Hour.

Our Itinerary:

Part one

Fundemental horsemanship + horseback riding

Horses 101:

Catching + Leading A Horse
Grooming + Saddling

Reading a Horse's Body Language + Energy
Round Pen Work
Riding in an arena


part two

Life coaching + personal development

Self Reflection + Awareness with Horses:

How horses perceive your energy, and how that impacts how you show up in the world.
Grounding your energy to be present in the moment.
Aligning with your own essence to build relationship with the horse and ultimately a relationship with yourself to feel whole, connected, and free.

The Whole Hearted Horsewoman Difference

As a part of a Whole Hearted Horsewoman Experience, you will partake in Equine Life Coaching, in two parts.

Horses are highly in tune with themselves, their environment, and energy.

Working with horses in a life coaching setting will fast track your personal understanding of self, your spirit, and your future.

We will also be incorporating that concept into riding and working on general horsemanship skills, just with a unique approach.


Pricing Details +


$895. (per person) 2 Day Experience Paid In Full.

$495. (per person) Paid 1x.

*Please inquire about other optional payment plans. *All major credit cards accepted. Details at checkout.

*Includes Cowgirl Coffee, Barn Style Lunch, & Horsey Happy Hour (on 2 day events).

(Oh, and did we mention?...We'll have a heck of a lot of fun, too!)

Wondering if this is the right fit for you?

Both Rachel and Kaelen want to ensure that you have a great experience. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out. We will answer all of your questions ahead of time. Click the link below to book a no pressure phone call with Kaelen and get all of your questions answered!