Coaching With Horses Packages


Life Coaching with Horses.

Design a tailored experience just for you. This can be at your farm, or one we choose together. Whether you have years of horse experience or none at all, working with horses can create immediate and new results, while illuminating blind spots in your life.

Life coaching with horses experiences are designed to be a time and place to connect with yourself, horses and other like-minded humans, in a natural, fun, and enriching environment.  Let your inner self show up as you explore areas of your life that are often brushed aside, or dismissed. Learn to listen to your intuition, with the help and guidance of horses.

Discover the life lessons horses have for you.

In a world of deadlines, to-do's, and outside pressures, it is easy to loose sight of what is most important.  Simply committing to yourself, and showing up with the horses can be a profound experience, bringing you back to what really matters. 

Step into the arena, and find out what it is all about.

 Step into the arena while life coaching with horses

"Being with horses in a life coaching setting is my favorite way to connect to the world in a natural way, and the power I feel within my own heart and spirit when I do."

- Kaelen, on her own life coaching with horses experience.

What others have to say about working with horses: 

"The group workshop is inspiring and thoughtful. In my group the horses had a powerful voice and calming spirit! Kaelen has a way to unlock your inner strength and independence. She gives you the courage to reach further and become more than you thought you could! It's a fun way to connect to other women and become a supportive friend to those you meet!"

-Danielle, Enumclaw, WA.

Washington Life Coach Group