Coaching with Horses FAQ's

Here are some of the top questions when it comes to both INDIVIDUAL & GROUP Life Coaching with Horses Sessions.


Q: What is Life Coaching with Horses?

A: It is a great way to take a look at your life from a new perspective.  The perspective of a 1,200 pound intuitive animal. Horses help us to pause and reflect on our own feelings, energy, body language, and communication style. Pair that with coaching from Kaelen, and you have two coaches working together to help you navigate through connecting to yourself in a whole new way.  CLICK HERE to read "Why Should I Hire A Life Coach?"

Q: Will I be riding during my session?

A: No. All of the work is done on the ground with a horse, or horses present, but not being ridden. If you are interesting in riding or general horsemanship instruction as well, please let me know.

Q: Do I need to bring my own horse? Or can I use my own horses?

A: No. I will provide a variety of horses to work with. I can also travel to work with you and your own horse, but it is not necessary. Often times meeting a new horse can deepen the life coaching experience since a new relationship is being established.

Q: What if I am sort of afraid of horses?

A: That is completely okay. A healthy respect for such a large animal is to be expected. We can work through your fears, if you are drawn to move beyond them and discover what the horses have to tell you.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Jeans, and comfortable layers are ideal.  The arena is covered, but is open on the sides, and exposed to the elements. Boots or CLOSED TOED shoes are required. Please, no sandals or high heels. A light rain coat for going between arena and barn might be helpful in our Northwest weather! Check the forecast, or with Kaelen prior to your scheduled appointment.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Any forms or questionnaires that were sent to you ahead of time, if you had not returned them previously. A water bottle, and a journal are handy.  I will have both on hand if you do not. Other than that, an open heart, mind, and soul are helpful as well. 

Q: What are the cards for? 

A: During most individual and group sessions, we will use Oracle Cards to help with staying connected, and tapping into intuition. The cards are an important part of the work, and can be very powerful and insightful. They are another way to access our inner knowing.

Q: What else can I expect? 

A: When your session is complete, we will work on strategies and practices you can take out into the 'real world' when you leave. You will have actionable items to begin to create more love, peace, contentment, and joy in your life.