Gift Giving For Your Soul & Your Dreams

The holiday season is upon us again, and for some, this may bring up mixed feelings and emotions. The pressure of getting it all done in time, being a perfect hostess, or agreeing to events out of obligation instead of what you really want, can be less than merry.

For me, this time of year I can't help but feel the pull to head into town for the "Christmas Shopping" experience...are you feeling it too?

Who is on your list? Do YOU make the ranks? What do you give yourself?

Don't get me wrong, giving to others this time of year is great. It's the season of giving, after all.

But what I want to say is how can you be sure that your name doesn't get put at the bottom of the list, and buried under the ribbons and bows?

If you are like me in this, then perhaps you are also feeling the need to do something deeper, with more connection, meaning, and creativity this year.

Gifts for yourself, like a women's retreat, life coaching sessions, creative workshops, and other experiences, may not be on the store shelves, but can make great gifts for yourself. 

Especially for those of us craving something more, or those who leave their name off the gift list entirely. 

A reason to get in touch with your heart and soul can often be more fulfilling than the material 'stuff' you may be tempted to buy. (Trust me, I've done it! ) Those new jeans or fancy earrings are great, but sometimes still leave us with a void.

Think about giving yourself a "soul gift"  this year.

Perhaps you feel buried under all the 'stuff' you've bought, hoping that'll make you happy, but just left you back where you were before the holidays.

If you want to reconsider the 'gifts' you can give yourself this holiday season, and make it more about doing something that makes your heart and soul feel good, here are a few ideas:  

  • Commit to exploring your own life. I say this because, again, this time of year we get wrapped up (no pun intended) in doing, going, and giving. Yet, honoring what we already have, and getting curious about who we are and where we want to go is just as important. Ask yourself, "What do I really want this year?"
  • Get outside and connect to nature. Of course, my favorite way of doing this is with horses. Find an Equine Facilitated Learning Coach in your area.  Get out, connect to horses, and ultimately yourself, in a brand new way. Here are a two options to find a coach (if you are not in Enumclaw area): 

Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching

Touched By A Horse- Equine Gestalt Coaching

  • Take yourself out on a holiday 'date'. If you are single (like me) this is really fun to do. Go somewhere beautiful you have always wanted to go. A museum, a parade, an art gallery, a special restaurant featured in a magazine. Take a great book and/ or a journal since you'll be dining alone. Enjoy being with yourself.
  • Create a special space in your home just for you. Surround your space with things you love. Mine is a rocking chair and ottoman surrounded by candles, lavender oil, sage,  turquoise crystals, and inspiring books all within my reach. I like to sit here each morning to journal, read, reflect, and meditate. This time of year we are moving our furniture around anyway, so it is a perfect time to create a new spot.


Perhaps what you end up giving yourself isn't on this list. 

The point is to discover what feeds your soul, what inspires your dreams and what you really want for your life, as you go into a new year.

What experiences can you give to yourself to grow and expand as a woman this holiday season, and into 2017?  

 From my heart to yours, 

I'd love to hear what you end up doing for yourself this season! Comment below, or send me a message at

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Dee Anna Escobedo

Hello Kaelen,
I want to send you this note of great appreciation for all your and Steele’s work with me during SAMSARAFEST 2018!
I am so relaxed has ever, I believe I would like to work more in the future with you both.
I am searching for my 2nd career or 2nd Act as now I am 63.

Thank you again.
You both together and individually have such a wonderful gift!

Your truly,

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