Getting Out On The Dream Trail

Earlier this month I traveled to California to follow a hunch, soak up some sunshine, and speak at a Yoga and Meditation with Animals workshop. 

I thought it would be fun to share a bit of the back story, and how it all came to be...

The Dream Trail is all about what it takes to live life on your own terms, and creating what you want out of what you have.

Things I am doing with my own life, and hopefully, inspiring others to do as well.

What I have learned on my own dream trail journey, is that so much of going after our dreams is about letting the universe know your deepest desires, and then taking action to move toward them- even if you don't know exactly "how".  

It was almost five years ago now that I wrote in my journal six specific things that I wanted to do with my life.

I wrote that I wanted to:

  • Help people.
  • Help animals.
  • Create a healthier planet.
  • Exude peace & harmony.
  • Share & influence others lives.
  • Travel. 

And to top it all off, I wrote what I wanted:

  • My own ranch in the mountains. (Something I have dreamed of since I was a little girl). 

The crazy part is, now that I look back, is that I had absolutely no idea what this would be, let alone how I would do it. Some of these things I still don't know exactly.

But this is what is most important to me, and what my heart was telling me to focus on.

Beside the list of what I wanted for my life, I wrote this reminder: 

"Our job is not to worry about the "how". The "how" will show up out of the commitment and belief in the "what".


My "how" has been taking shape over the past few years, after I put my intentions to pen and paper, began taking sizable action, and as set off in the direction of my dreams. 

My trip to California was a beautiful reminder of how the universe is truly conspiring to help us. Just as Paulo Coehlo says.

How doors open, connections seemingly come out of nowhere, and the pieces fall into place, once we rise to the occasion of meeting our destiny by following what is truest to our hearts.  

I was invited to California to join the Yoga & Meditation with Animals Workshop, as a guest speaker. The invitation came by way of a 'seemingly out of nowhere' connection.  

And so, it seemed perfectly fitting that I spoke about setting intentions, and connecting to your truth through working with horses.

(PS...This all happened through Instagram, of all things. And if you're wondering if I have a huge Instagram following, or something...I don't!)

My trip to California was just one example of how when you set intentions that are aligned with your dreams, and take action, the universe will create paths to support your vision.

That, to me, is what it means to be on your dream trail. 

  • Help people.
  • Help animals.
  • Create a healthier planet.
  • Exude peace & harmony.
  • Share & influence others lives.
  • Travel
Thank you universe. 
Thank you dreams.

The energy and connections that were created during the healing with horses breakout were nothing short of magical. 


So now I ask you....

What dreams and desires do you have deep in your heart and your soul?

What wishes and intentions can you write down, even if you have no clue how it will happen?

Will you dare to ask the universe for it?...

Happy trails my friends, until we meet again.

The folks I met during my Dream Trail travels were inspiring, supportive, and just downright fun!  

Be sure to check out what great things they are up to!

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Images Courtesy of Equinox Photos

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