My Own Cowgirl Coach

It was late last year when I was researching, learning, and exploring the idea of becoming a Life Coach with Horses. I had been scouring the internet and reading every book or magazine article I could find about this emerging field of work.  But there was one website in particular that I continued to go back to. It was as though it was calling me.

So, despite some questions, I followed my hunches, took a wild chance, and booked a flight to Denver, Colorado to visit the very place pictured online. I found myself one month later, in the quaint town of Larkspur. Population; 192 people, countless mule deer, quarter horses, steers, and one incredibly awesome cowgirl, named Devon. And during that snowy weekend retreat, I not only found what I was searching for, I found so much more.  

The trip consisted of my stay at Beyond the Arena Ranch, as a client of Devon Combs, Equine Gestalt Coach. A cowgirl whom I turned out to have a lot in common with, including age and a love of horses (of course), among many other things. Little did I know how much this trip to Colorado would rock my world. 

Devon took me through three intense days of sharing her wisdom and work with me.  She was an open book, and focused intensely on what I had traveled so far to learn from her. While I was there, I also began to open the pages of my own story that had been buried under for a long, long, time. 

She led me through the paces of ‘Equine Gestalt Coaching’ as she would anyone who went to the ranch to work with her. I experienced coaching first hand as a client, and learned what the work meant, and what it felt like to be with horses in a new way.  In the same place and time, I was also able to turn it around and discuss with her how I could integrate the lessons I was learning into working with other women in a similar capacity, as a coach myself one day.

She encouraged me to do so, and saw me for exactly who I was in my heart and soul. I told her my deepest desires, fears, regrets, and wishes, and she never batted an eye. We worked through them all, shedding new light and creating new energy to move my life forward how I deeply wanted it to be.  Clearing out some old habits, beliefs, and grudges I had held on to for far too long. I was able to make space for new opportunities and experiences to continue to pour in.

During my time at the ranch, I also told her about the concept I had for a lifestyle company and inspirational brand I wanted to build, which I thought I would call The Dream Trail, Co.  At this point, it was a little something I had been working on for months prior to meeting her, but wasn’t entirely sure if I would move forward with it.

I told her of how I wanted to inspire others to never give up on their dreams, as I had once done. How I wanted to empower others to achieve greater things in their lives.  I talked to her about integrating the horse work with what I had in mind.

I added in how it would be found online at, if I actually went through with it all.

Being a savvy business woman, in addition to an amazing life coach, she said, “What!? That domain name isn’t taken already?”  I paused and said; “Nope I’ve looked it up. It is available.” 

Right there on the spot (like a movie scene, we were riding bareback along a creek in the snow)…she turned to me and said, “That’s a sign.  You have to buy that URL, and do this.”


The next day, I bought all the domains containing “The Dream Trail” that I could, and got to work on my dream company. And I haven’t looked back once.

Since that weekend in Colorado, Devon has continued to be my coach, my mentor, my confidant, my kindred spirit.  I work with her regularly as a client and will forever be grateful her insight and guidance. I am now looking forward to co-facilitating our own workshops together in the future as well.  The trails are endless…and I am so thankful my own Dream Trail led me to her. Even if it was a round about way. 

Working with Devon has solidified my path to move forward as a coach myself.  Since my trip to Colorado, I have been able to work with my own clients, and enjoy the process of helping them live their own dream trails. 

I hope that my story of having my own life coach will empower you to also consider having your own, to help you move towards whatever it is you deeply desire.   It can be the catapult you are looking for to start living the life you were destined to live. For me, it was the spark I needed to ignite my flame.

It is all a part of your Dream Trail. You just have to take the first step. And if you have a hunch to fly to Colorado, you know what I would tell you to do.

See you out there dreamers…

Happy Trails,

To learn more about Devon & Beyond The Arena, please visit

And to work with both Devon & I at our upcoming "Cowgirl Spirit Camp" Labor Day Weekend, 2016, Click HERE 

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