My Open Letter To Women

Dear Dreamers...

Just the other night, I sat down and ended up writing what turned out to be a letter to women not intending for it to be a blog, or an email, or anything in particular. It turned out to be a love letter of sorts. Or maybe it's a call to action. Actually, come to think of it, it's both.

The following letter is what ensued. I wrote it with a vigor and a speed in which I have never typed. It flowed through me and I couldn't get out what I wanted fast enough.

I decided not to censor myself on this. To just loose myself in the flow, and then share it, in the hopes that others will move forward with more wild abandon. To let this land for the woman who is supposed to hear it.

My hope is that this resonates with you. At your soul. At your heart. And it inspires you.

Then again, maybe it doesn't.
And that's totally okay too.

I want nothing more than for you, my dear sister, to feel the same level of passion for your life, as I do mine, when I let myself.




Dear Sister,

Are you on the precipice?
I want to know…..What is the one thing you plan on doing with your wild and precious life, as Mary Oliver would say?
If you didn’t get stuck in the expectations of others and who they believe you to be, what would you create in this lifetime?
I am asking you this because it is time for us to refuse to take one more step into mediocrity and it is fucking time for more of us to jump off the cliff into the unknown of what's wildly possible.
I see a whole hell of a lot of us, pretending to fit in.
What are you doing?

Playing it safe.

Moving through the world afraid to ask for what you really, truly want, because you aren't sure if it's actually possible.

Instead, most of us keep trying to do the 'right' thing. Doing what we should, what we were taught, and hoping we have some nice compliments along the way.
Fuck that.
I want life to be more than that. I want my life to be a book entitled----"I don’t know what the ‘f’ I am doing, but I am going to do it anyway” kind of thing.
No one is going to give you the permission you are seeking to be great. No one is going to tell you who you ought to be in order to be the fullest expression of yourself.

And no one is going to give you a permission slip to ask for MORE. 

No one is going to tell you it’s okay to be a Goddess, a bad ass, a trail blazing woman.
Sister, you have to fucking dig for it. You have to fucking find her.

You have to go and get her, and wrestler her back into existence if you were her once, but then lost her.
I say this because if you have let yourself get bogged down by the day in and day out of living in the here and now, you may have lost your magic. 

That’s right, I said MAGIC.

So what’s it going to take? Who are you going to have to piss off because you don’t live up to the expectations they have of you?

Who are you going to have to let THINK YOU ARE CRAZY???
And oh my word. Who are you going to have to ask for help? And admit that you cannot do this alone?

Are you going to admit it to your THERAPIST? And what if she looks at you like you’ve lost your damn mind talking about how you think you might be magical, and how you are a goddess and whatnot.

If she gives you a prescription for Zoloft and tells you you are depressed- SHE MIGHT NOT BE YOUR GAL. Chances are, she’s lost her magic too.
Are you going to ask your mother/sister/friend/coworker?

How’s she doing these days? Is she singing the praises of how WILD and ECSTATIC she is about life? Maybe so. Maybe not.

But definitely DON'T ask her if she isn’t WILD enough to scream from the top of a mountain that she is a GOD DAMN QUEEN.

Is she passionate about her life? Are you?
Are you passionate about something and willing to be brave enough to dare to try?  

What do you care enough about to RISK IT ALL?
And I mean ALL OF IT???

Hell, you don’t even have to know what you are passionate about. Maybe it’s not a damn thing.

But love yourself enough to go out there and find it.
I am passionate about living the life of our wildest dreams. I have risked it all to be sitting here writing this love letter to you.
I have risked it all to go into the wild unknown to discover how to get off the well worn (predictable) path I was on, figure it out, and then teach you how to do it, too.

I love you so much that I want you to live in the magic of life.
I know the pain of not owning your magic. I know the pain of trying to fit in. I don’t want one more woman to suffer that unnecessarily if I can help it.

Chances are, if something feels OFF about the direction you are headed in your life- that's because IT IS.

If you ever stop and wonder, “Is this really all there is for me?” my answer to you is “Only if you let it be.”
Consider this your wake up call. I hope I will see you on the other side, where your magic is waiting for you.

All my love,

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