7 Steps To Free Your Dreams


Do you have a day dream or an idea that occupies your mind more than you ever admit? A thought that lights you up when you imagine all that it could be?


If only you had more time, more money, and more resources, right? Or you can just do it when you win the lottery! Yeah, that’s it!


But, what if there was another way to follow your dreams, and create a life you imagine, without having to win the lottery to do so?


If you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to an idea you have, or a dream life you long for, considering what it is about your dream that is most important to you can be a great start to bring your ideas to life, and out of your head.

Here are 7 Steps you can take NOW to start to free your dreams.  The things we long to do, be, have, and experience don't have to be wishes on daisies any longer.  

Take the power back over what you dream of doing and begin to take action by doing something other than just thinking about it. 



Step 1:

Discover what FEELING you would get if you were actually DOING what it is you dream of.  Then re-create that NOW. 

This steps gets right down to the business of figuring out why you want to do what it is you dream of.

Then, determine how can you begin to feel those things in some way, just as you are now.  Extract one piece of your dream and bring it to life. 

Start to experiment, go on different adventures, seek new opportunities, and create aligned experiences. Take a small snapshot of what it is you really want to be feeling and start to do even a small part of it in some way during your daily life.

This might look like volunteering, mentoring, or writing. Whatever it is don't wait until the BIG picture is all in place.  Just start to feel the results you desire. 


Step 2:

Research and find someone else that is doing what it is you wish to do, or be.

Who is it that is doing something that you think is just amazing? Or is there someone who deep down you are actually incredibly jealous of?  

Tune into your jealously, because believe it or not, our envy (or admiration) can be a tell-tale sign of what it is you truly want. Pay attention to those feelings! 

With the power of the internet and the plethora of insightful books, blogs and biographies, we now can know more about other people than ever before.  

Research and scour social media, podcasts, or live video events to find this someone and learn as much about them as you can. Even if you don't ever meet them in person (or maybe you do!), sign up for their newsletters, watch their videos, interviews, or read their books.

Discover and learn from their paths.  Because they too, started at the same place you are.  They had to begin somewhere.  

Take clues and hints from what they have done and apply it to your dreams.

Step 3:

Learn to love the process of going after your dreams.

Give up the if/then/when thinking. Holding your dreams hostage and relying on ‘when’ they come true, or when you accomplish the goal, puts too much pressure on the situation, and takes away from the fun and adventure! 

This will only lead to not enjoying the process of getting there. So, make it a game.

Find the fun in trying new things, stretching your limits, and discovering more about who you really are.

Step 4:

Find, and meet, fellow dream believers.

Sharing your wildest dreams, or what you really want in your life, can be scary.

And sometimes our ideas aren't perceived with the positive feedback we would hope for. This is not because your idea isn't good, but because other people's limiting beliefs get mixed in to their feedback about yours.

Just because someone else doesn't believe in your dream doesn't mean that you should not. Even if this person is someone close to you.

So, if you feel as though you are alone in your big dreams, do not worry.  

This is only temporary.  However, it might mean that you need to seek out other big dreamers, and share your ideas with other people who have moved past what is holding them back.

Reach out to specialized social media groups, check out a local 'Meetup Group', or find an organization that supports people with big dreams.  They are out there.

Once you become comfortable with your dreams, other people will as well.  And their doubts or questions will have less affect on you.  


Step 5:

Quit telling yourself the reasons as to why you think you can’t do/have/be what you really want to.

When you look at an image in a magazine (or on Pinterest) that relates to something you long for, or you wish you could do, what is the thought bubble that pops into your head? As if it were a cartoon cloud floating above your head? What does it read?

Does it go a little something like “You'll never have that”, or “that doesn't happen to people like you”, “Where will the money come from”, or “That is stupid to think you can have that.”?

Become aware of the little angel, and the little devil characters that sit on your shoulders.

Consider these thoughts, and ask yourself "how they make me feel"?

When you sit quietly with those thoughts do they make you feel good? Are they even true? Or is it just bullshit that it's clogging up your mind and the dream you have in your heart.

Once you are aware of these things you are hearing inside your mind, you can begin to address them, and clear them away.  

Fill these spaces with new thoughts like; "She did it, and so can I" -or- "There is no harm in trying my best" -and- "No matter what happens, I win, because I learned". 

Step 6:

Stop thinking you have to have it all figured out before you go forward towards achieving your dream.

If there is something that you want to do in life but have no clue how to do it, a common misconception is that you have to have a perfect plan and figure out all of the steps toward what you want, before you even begin.

Then, that thinking stops us from ever getting going on our dreams at all. It is simply a false belief that we have to have it all figured out. The fact of the matter is you do not have to have it all figured out.  And it is better if you don't. Because that is where the fun surprises come in. 

What is most important is the big vision for what you want, and the decision to get going in that direction.

In John Maxwell's book “Failing Forward” his theory is that each action you take toward your dream, whether right wrong or indifferent, still matters.  Because you will be moving forward.

Even if it is two steps forward and one step back you will continue to make progress.

The idea of a perfect business plan, sales pitch, and market research analysis gets overwhelming.  And for so many, takes the fun out of what it is we want to be doing in the first place.  Continue to tap into the vision of what you want, and all of the details will come as you need them.

Step 7:

Commit to doing one thing (even if it is small!) per day that is in line with your dreams.

By taking small actions now, instead of waiting and living by the ‘if/when’ scenario you will be living more in line with your dreams. Do not discredit even the smallest shift in perception and action little things can make a big difference when it comes to setting out on your dream trail.

Forget major, overwhelming, sweeping transformations. Sneak in small, subtle adjustments that will compound over time. Take bite-sized steps. Eventually you will get there, and the steps will grow bigger, and your dreaming muscles get stronger.


One step at a time.  That is the way of the dream trail.  

Think of your dream as a house that you're going to build by starting with a small comfortable conservative home that you will add onto. For now, you can put up a good solid structure that doesn't have to be grand or too fancy. You can fill those things in later.  You have all the land you need, but for now, just focus on getting a good solid foundation for the dream house you are going to build. 

So what are you waiting for? No matter where you are, what your current life looks like, just set off in the direction of your dreams.  

One foot in front of the other.  Eventually, you will get there. 


Happy Trails, 

Until We Meet Again...

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