2016 In the Rear View Mirror

Now that the countdown to the new year is on, and the year 2016 is pretty much in the rear view mirror, if you’re like me, you’ve started thinking about what 2017 is going to have in store for you.

Does looking into the new year excite you? Or slightly terrify you?

Is the idea of setting New Years Resolutions a daunting task?

If so, I’d like to offer you this thought to ponder: 

What if you decided this year to set INTENTIONS instead of resolutions? 

Intentions based on what you want to do, instead of making a list of things based on what you think you SHOULD do or need to CHANGE about yourself.

Ask yourself, whose voice is telling you what your resolution should be? Is it even your inner voice at all?

If you have made resolutions in the past like some of my old ones….maybe they look a little something like this:

  • eat more healthy foods
  • eat less candy
  • drink less wine
  • wash bed sheets every week
  • save money
  • work more

Do you see the common thread?

This is a list of ‘shoulds’.

None of these bullet points are inspiring, fun, or exciting!  Why would anyone want to do any of these things!?

I know I sure didn’t, because I didn't stick to 'em in the past! I still love my red wine, my late night snack of watermelon sour patch kids, and this year I didn’t save any money really.

But do you know what I DID do in 2016?

  • I sought out experiences and opportunities that made my heart and soul feel good.
  • I spent time and money to explore things that interested me.
  • I launched a company before it was ‘perfect’
  • I started to share my story and embraced vulnerability more.
  • I did stuff that didn’t always make the most sense. And that was okay.
  • I made the choice to not fear failure, but to go at it head on, unattached from outcomes.
  • I decided not to be so dang hard on myself, and if other people didn’t get me, that would have to be okay.

By making resolutions based on crap you don’t like about yourself that you want to fix, it takes the fun and adventure out of the new year entirely.

What if this coming year becomes about nothing but exploring.  About finding what we really love, and what we really want to do. 

And not about making a list of should's and shit you need to change about yourself.

Make resolutions that feel fun, interesting, challenging, or whatever else makes you feel GOOD to think about.

What if the only resolution you make this year is to simply ask yourself first, what it is you really want to do? Not to rely on anyone else’s perception of how you ‘should’ change your life.

And if you really want to throw a curve at the ‘ol “New Years Resolution” how about this for a change:




I’d love to hear what made 2016 special for you, and what you are going to love about yourself in this coming year!

Here’s to not 'shoulding' ourselves, or trying to change a bunch of stuff we think is wrong with us.

Happy Holiday Trails,

Until we meet again…cheers!


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